Republicans win big in Tupelo, DeSoto County but Democrats show signs of life in Brookhaven.

To quote Mississippi Secretary of State Michael Watson, Tuesday’s Municipal General Election turnout was “less than ideal.” Still, the voters who did go to the polls elected their local mayors and city officials for the next four years.

Below is a rundown of the races we were watching here at Y’all Politics. Some results may not be finalized as affidavit and absentee ballots could be outstanding.

Mayoral Races


Incumbent Mayor Butch Lee (R) won re-election, gaining 80% of the vote over challenger Farrah Cox (I).


Incumbent Mayor Joe Cox (R) is tied at 50% with Larry Jointer (D) but holds a narrow 20 vote margin.


Incumbent Mayor William Truly (D) held off Charles Chip Matthews (R) as expected, winning re-election 60% to 40%.


Incumbent Mayor Lynn Buckhaults (R) held off a challenge from Jalen Lindsey (D), winning re-election 60% to 40%.


Emily Quinn (R) will be the new Mayor in Fulton after John Maxcy (D) dropped out.


Incumbent Mayor Phil Torjusen (R) was upset by current Councilman Casey Vaughn (I). This was perhaps the biggest surprise of the night on the Coast. Vaughn defeated the first term mayor by less than 150 votes.


Incumbent Mayor Billy Hewes (R) won his third term, defeating Howard Page (D) 64% to 36%. The story here, however, is the extremely low voter turnout. In a city with nearly 72,000 people, only 4,100 bothered to go vote on Tuesday.


First-term incumbent Mayor Toby Barker (I) cruised to re-election, defeating Lakeylah White (D) by drawing 85% of the vote.  Barker is a former Republican state representative.

Horn Lake

Incumbent Mayor Allen Latimer (R) defeated Jimmy Stokes (D) and Cole Bostick (I) to win a third term.


Incumbent Mayor Chokwe Lumumba (D) took 69% of vote in the five person race that included three Independents and a Republican. The Republican only drew 4%.


Incumbent Mayor Johnny Magee (D) topped the four person race, gaining the necessary 51% over the three Independents seeking to unseat him in Laurel.

New Albany

Incumbent Mayor Tim Kent (R) drew 77% of the vote to win re-election over James Dean (D).

Olive Branch

Ken Adams (R) won the Mayor’s race over Donald Hall (D), winning 67% of the vote.


Incumbent Mayor Robyn Tannehill (I), who switched to Independent earlier this year, easily defeated challenger Brandon Pettis (I), drawing 89% of the tally.

Pass Christian

Newcomer Jim Rafferty (R) easily cruised to a win on Tuesday, drawing 75% over Peggy Johnson (D) and Zenas Cappie (I). Interestingly, the Democrat here finished third, only tallying 8% of the vote.


Karl VanHorn (R) unseated embattled incumbent Mayor Ryshonda Beecham (I), winning 57% to 43%.


Longtime city staffer Jim Luke (R) won the mayor’s seat in Picayune, besting Leavern Guy (D) 74% to 26%.


Lee County Supervisor Todd Jordan (R) won 64% over Victor Fleitas (D), flipping the Mayor’s office from Democrat to Republican with the departure of incumbent Mayor Jason Shelton.


Incumbent Mayor George Flaggs (I) won re-election over Daryl Hollingsworth (I) and Troy Kimble (D). Flaggs won 68% of the vote.

City Council Races


Democrats outperformed here, gaining a majority on this board.


Republicans maintained the majority on the board as expected.


Republicans Jeffrey George and Carter Carroll, along with right-leaning Independent Dave Ware all won their races on Tuesday.

Horn Lake

Republicans swept all seats on the Tuesday ballot.

New Albany

Republicans won 2 of the 3 seats on the ballot on Tuesday. The other was narrowly won by an Independent.

Ocean Springs

Republicans swept and maintained their majority as predicted.

Olive Branch

Republicans swept all seats on the ballot.


This will be a split board as there is now a mix of Republicans, Democrats and Independent.


Democrats will hold the majority on this board as Ward 1 Councilman Ben Carver was the only Republican to win on Tuesday.


Republicans hold the majority on this board, winning all 5 races on the Tuesday ballot.


Former state representative Alex Monsour (R) won re-election as South Ward Alderman on a board that includes the North Ward Alderman and the Mayor, George Flaggs. Monsour held off Vickie Bailey (D) winning 53% to 47%.