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YP Daily Roundup 6/11/21

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YP – Governor indicates no special session until House and Senate are on same page

On Thursday, Governor Tate Reeves was asked on SuperTalk’s Gallo Show if he was anymore inclined now to call a special session to address medical marijuana and the initiative process.

His short answer, not yet.

“I stand in the same position I have over the last few weeks since the court case came down,” said Reeves. “Just to remind our fellow Mississippians, we really have two issues that need to be addressed and I’m for addressing both of them.”

YP – Governor Reeves “adamantly opposed” to Critical Race Theory being taught in MS schools

Governor Tate Reeves says he is adamantly opposed to critical race theory “sneaking into our curriculums in the state of Mississippi,” and he is prepared to sign legislation to prevent it, should that become necessary.

Reeves appeared on SuperTalk’s Gallo Show on Thursday morning where the host, Paul Gallo, asked the Governor his thoughts on the national topic.

“I am not aware of any school district that currently allows for it. Should that become an issue, I believe we ought to pass legislation, pass a law to make these school districts unable to teach CRT in our classrooms,” Governor Reeves said. “We’ve seen that in other states. I’m willing to do it. We don’t have to do it if no districts are currently operating. But if that becomes apparent, I am prepared to support any legislation that eliminates the ability for CRT to be taught in Mississippi’s classrooms, much like many, many, many states around the country.”

YP – Mississippi $1 billion over revenue estimates

The May revenue report was released on Wednesday and reported an overage of over $1 billion for the entire year up until this point, and over $200 million just for the month of May.

“We are in the best financial shape, the best fiscal shape the state has ever been in,” said Governor Tate Reeves regarding the current financial status…

…Total revenue collections for the month of May FY 2021 are $200,291,078 or 44.56% above the sine die revenue estimate. Fiscal YTD revenue collections through May 2021 are $1,004,457,836 or 20.10% above the sine die estimate. Fiscal YTD total revenue collections through May 2021 are $951,071,539 or 18.84% above the prior year’s collections. The FY 2021 Sine Die Revenue Estimate is $5,690,700,000.

MSDH daily COVID-19 reporting

YP – BIPEC President explains 2021 scorecard and bills that carried weight for businesses and jobs

Derek Easley sat down with Y’all Politics just days after BIPEC released their 2021 report card for lawmakers. Easley highlighted the 17 bills they used for scoring this year which range from transportation issues to Mflex funding.

YP – Former MDOC Commissioner Epps wants out of prison due to risk of COVID-19 … which he already had.

Federal prisoner and former Commissioner of the Mississippi Department of Corrections Chris Epps has asked a federal court to grant him compassionate release, as first reported by Jackson Jambalaya.

Epps, who is serving a 19-year prison sentence after pleading guilty in 2017 to conspiracy to commit money laundering, cited the risk of contracting COVID-19 as the reason he should be released. Coincidentally, the inmate has already had the virus based on the filing which states Epps has previously “suffered from a confirmed case of COVID-19.”

The former MDOC Commissioner is in a Texas prison and is currently scheduled for release in July 2033, if not sooner, the court filing references.

YP – Wicker Joins Press Conference on Big Tech Censorship of COVID-19 Origins

Among the six senators, Senator Roger Wicker stood alongside his colleagues to discuss how powerful tech companies have taken unprecedented steps to censor free speech.

Senator Wicker discusses how he has joined individuals like Senator Blackburn in order to correct gaps in Section 230. This law provides immunity to online platforms from civil liability based on third-party content and for the removal of content in certain circumstances.

Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have begun to question Section 230. While it was once a way to protect start-up tech businesses, the law can now act as a shield to some of the most powerful tech companies in the world.

YP – Hyde-Smith continues push for thorough FDA review of dangerous chemical abortion pills

U.S. Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith (R-Miss.) today continued a push for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to conduct a thorough review of the risks to women’s health from a chemical abortion pill made more widely available during the pandemic.

YP – Congressman Guest Statement on Democrats’ Wasteful Transportation Legislation

Congressman Michael Guest (MS-03) delivered a statement during the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure (T&I) markup of the Democrats’ Surface Transportation Reauthorization legislation, criticizing the wasteful spending included in the bill. The legislation includes spending for unnecessary projects, such as the building of charging stations for electric vehicles with provisions that would remove funding for states that are unable or unwilling to comply, as well as the use of infrastructure funds for landscaping and art projects.

The Republican alternative to the bill, the Surface Transportation Advanced through Reform, Technology and Efficient Review (STARTER) Act 2.0, focuses on reducing burdensome regulations and increasing states’ flexibility in their infrastructure investments.

Congressman Palazzo on Democrats bad week

WLOX – Gaming commission executive director gives high marks for Coast casino industry

The Gulf Coast gaming industry is in good shape, according to the Executive Director of the Mississippi Gaming Commission. He’s also encouraged by the best April results ever, and he believes there’s more honey in the hive.

Allen Godfrey’s grade on the Gulf Coast gaming at couldn’t get any better.

“A+,” said Godfrey. “Very strong. Very strong.”…

…One of the biggest amenities on the horizon and one of the biggest challenges right now is a mobile gaming app that would be operated by licensed casinos. Right now, that’s not happening in Mississippi. In fact, it’s one of the leading sources of illegal gambling in the state.

“It affects the properties in the fact that’s money not coming to them that could otherwise could come to them, especially if you had a mobile app in the way of sports wagering,” Godfrey said.