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YP Daily Roundup 6/14/21

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YP – Congressman Thompson expresses disappointment in MS not applying for FEMA BRIC grant. But there’s more to the story.

Congressman Bennie Thompson (D-MS02) issued a statement on Thursday claiming the state of Mississippi was the only state not to apply to participate in FEMA’s Building Resilient Infrastructure and Communities, or BRIC, grant which is intended to help states and localities fortify against natural disasters.

Yet, while Thompson’s general statement is true in that the state did not apply for the funds, his comments are not entirely accurate as to the intended funding.

According to the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency (MEMA), the way this grant application works is that local governments make application to the state and then the state forwards those to FEMA for consideration.

The reason that was not done in this instance is that only two Mississippi cities – Oxford and Columbus – applied for the funding and MEMA acted on its own to grant the requests.

MS Democratic Party thanks municipal candidates, workers

YP – Op-Ed: Wicker Continues Push for Infrastructure Deal

After weeks of encouraging discussions, President Biden walked away from infrastructure talks with a group of six Republicans this past week before setting off on a trip to Europe. As a participant in these discussions from the beginning, I was disappointed by the President’s decision to end our talks. Public attention will now turn to a proposal being floated by a bipartisan group of 10 senators.

Our country is overdue for a large investment in local infrastructure, including roads, bridges, ports, and rail. In Memphis, for example, a structural crack has resulted in the closure of one interstate bridge across the Mississippi River, causing huge traffic pile-ups and forcing travelers to take detours through Lula, Mississippi, and Dyersburg, Tennessee. Communities across the nation are facing similar infrastructure challenges.

MSDH daily COVID-19 reporting

YP – Wicker Says Defense Budget Proposal is Inadequate

U.S. Senator Roger Wicker, R-Miss., a senior member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, today pressed Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin on the Department of Defense’s (DOD) recent budget request for Fiscal Year 2022.

During today’s hearing, Wicker referred to the testimony of the Navy’s Vice Admiral at this week’s Seapower Subcommittee hearing, where the Vice Admiral admitted that the U.S. needs a larger Navy. Wicker asked Austin if the Vice Admiral misspoke.

YP – Treasurer McRae: Let’s Get Mississippi to Work

What do we do to improve Mississippi’s economy? As I travel across the state, this is one of the questions that keeps coming up – and it’s a fair one to ask. Given that Mississippi ranks 50th in employment and 46th in growth when compared to other states, the answer is fairly straightforward to me: We need to fight for every opportunity we can to get Mississippians back to work.
Despite the state’s challenges, I’m optimistic. I believe in our work ethic and people, which is why I was disappointed by recent federal policies that did more to keep hardworking Mississippians at home than employed.
More specifically, the Biden administration extended a COVID-era policy that paid unemployed Americans an extra $300 per week, meaning many recipients can earn more on unemployment than in a full-time, $15-an-hour job. The consequences have been significant.

YP – Hyde-Smith cosponsors Iran nuclear treaty act to place constitutional check on Iran deal

U.S. Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith (R-Miss.) on Thursday joined U.S. Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) in introducing legislation that would require Senate consent for any treaty related to Iranian nuclear capabilities.

The Iran Nuclear Treaty Act (S.2030) would deem any U.S. agreement with Iran, related to its nuclear program, a treaty under Article II, Clause 2 of the Constitution, requiring the Senate’s advice and consent.  As such, the legislation would require the President to submit any renewed nuclear deal with Iran as a treaty.

“If President Biden’s short-changed defense budget is any indication of his approach to our national security, then the Senate must assert its constitutional advice and consent duty when it comes to dealing with Iran and its nuclear ambitions,” Hyde-Smith said.

Wicker, Cantwell introduce surface transportation bill

WLOX / WDAM – Mother, lawmaker pushing to pass bill to ban organ transplant discrimination in Miss.

Since 2019, 17 states have passed laws prohibiting medical professionals from using intellectual or developmental disabilities as a factor in determining if a person gets an organ transplant.

Mississippi Rep. Lee Yancey is leading the effort to get Mississippi on that list. He said people with disabilities have been discriminated against by medical professionals who determine which of their patients can get transplants, which is why he authored House Bill 191, also known as “Cole’s Law.”

“Coles Law basically says that if a person has a disability and they need an organ transplant, they cannot discriminate against the person with a disability simply because of their disability,” Yancey said.