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YP Daily Roundup 6/16/21

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YP – Mississippi to Receive $1.8 billion from the American Rescue Plan

The funds the state receives could be included in the state budget that legislators are working on now ahead of January. The decision on where this money goes could have a major impact on Mississippi. 

“I have met with about fifty different county boards and supervisors over the last six weeks and we are discussing what the requirements of the act are: which is water, sewer, broadband, tourism, loss revenue, and public health. Those issues are what we’ve been speaking with them about and answering their questions on what they can and cannot spend that money on” says Lt. Governor Hosemann, “We want to utilize those funds not for the next one or two years, but the next one or two generations. We should work together in sourcing the funds for those issues.”

Lt. Governor Hosemann said that it is important for the counties and towns in Mississippi to determine how they will spend the money awarded to them because it could impact the future of their town.

YP – Auditor’s financial demand against controversial Ole Miss professor delayed by defamation lawsuit

In December 2020, the Mississippi State Auditor’s office issued a demand for $1,912.42 to Ole Miss professor James Thomas for his work stoppage on September 8th and 9th as part of the “#ScholarStrike” to call attention to racism and injustice in policing amidst the protests and riots last summer…

…Thomas was to have paid that demand within 30 days, per the Auditor’s demand letter dated December 1st. However, the tenured University of Mississippi professor has not made good on that demand.

The matter has since been referred to the Attorney General’s office for potential civil action, and is now on hold.

“The Auditor’s demand letter is presently on hold due to the pending litigation initiated by Professor Thomas,” AG spokesperson Colby Jordan told Y’all Politics last week.

MSDH daily COVID-19 reporting

YP – Mississippi DPS Commissioner Sean Tindell completes successful first year at the helm

As the Commissioner of the Mississippi Department of Public Safety, Sean Tindell oversees the Mississippi Highway Safety Patrol, Mississippi Bureau of Investigation, Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics, Mississippi Law Enforcement Officers’ Training Academy, Driver Service Bureau, Mississippi Office of Homeland Security, Mississippi Forensics Laboratory, State Medical Examiner’s Office, Crime Stoppers, and Public Safety Planning.

Commissioner Tindell currently manages over 1,100 employees throughout the state.

YP – Medicaid to increase rate for Wraparound services, enhancing members’ choice of providers

In order to comply with federal requirements, the Mississippi Division of Medicaid (DOM) is changing the way it reimburses for targeted case management for children with serious emotional disturbance (SED), known as Wraparound, and ancillary behavioral health services. In the process DOM is increasing the reimbursement rate for Wraparound while enhancing Medicaid beneficiaries’ choice of providers.

Earlier this year the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) directed DOM to modify reimbursement for Wraparound case management to comply with federal rules. Previously, those services were billed along with ancillary therapeutic services at a bundled, all-inclusive rate. However, CMS indicated that DOM must separate Wraparound from the ancillary support services, such as medications or psychiatric treatment. These changes, which take effect July 1, will prevent the loss of federal matching funds and ensure continued access to community services.

Lt. Gov. Hosemann talks with County Supervisors

YP – NGAUS Backs Congressman Kelly’s Healthcare for Our Troops Act

Last month, Mississippi Congressman Trent Kelly (MS-01) and Congressman Andy Kim (NJ-03) introduced the Healthcare for Our Troops Act. The Healthcare for Our Troops Act (H.R. 3152) aims to expand access to affordable health care for members of the Guard and Reserve who lack private health insurance.

“The people who serve in the National Guard and reserve forces are a critical piece of our military and play an increasingly crucial role in keeping us safe at home and abroad. Providing healthcare for all service members is a readiness issue, and our Guardsmen and Reservists deserve access to preventive and routine healthcare,” said Congressman Trent Kelly.

YP – Hyde-Smith seeks USDA assistance for flood-damaged North Mississippi

U.S. Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith (R-Miss.) today said recovering from damage to crops and rural infrastructure caused by catastrophic flooding in north Mississippi last week may necessitate a disaster declaration and emergency appropriations.

Hyde-Smith on Tuesday addressed Mississippi flood damage with Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack during a Senate Agriculture Appropriations Subcommittee hearing.  Vilsack committed to helping the state, but acknowledged a lack of available unobligated funding through relevant U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) assistance programs.

“The scope of the flood damage in the Delta and north Mississippi remains to be told, but it is very significant,” Hyde-Smith said following the hearing.

WDAM – Pilot program announced aimed at increasing number of women in Mississippi legislature

Mississippi has 174 state legislators and only 16 percent of those are women. However, a national group is hoping to help change that.

The Ascend Fund is launching this pilot program in three states, including Mississippi. They will be making $180,000 available in grant funding to nonpartisan, nonprofit organizations in Mississippi.

“We do not have enough women in the legislature, and the talent that the women have in the legislature now is not being used,” said Rep. Omeria Scott (D), District 14.