The Mississippi State baseball team won the National Championship in 2021 and Mississippians are continuing to celebrate. 

State Senator Josh Harkins has announced that he has requested a bill to create a Mississippi State Baseball National Championship car tag in honor of their victory last week.

Harkins explained that currently there are specialty car tags for a host of different entities whether it’s universities or hospitals whether or not you have a non-profit, etc. There are all sorts of specialty tags that are out there and there’s a fee that you pay to get a specialty tag and the fee goes to that organization or university or that hospital.

A couple of years ago when LSU won the national championship, an LSU national championship car tag was created so that fans living in Mississippi could purchase to show support for their school. Since it was an out of state entity, the money raised would go to the Children’s of Mississippi Hospital.

Senator Harkins explained that requesting a bill to create a Mississippi State Baseball National Championship car tag was intended memorialize the first national championship that Mississippi State has earned.

Senator Josh Harkins

“Currently Mississippi state has a car tag and I believe that a lot of people that would purchase one already have a Mississippi State tag so these proceeds would benefit the scholarship fund at the university,” stated Senator Harkins.

There are several things that have to happen before these specialty tags become available.

“What has to happen any time you have a speciality tag when you have a new one, there’s a design process that has to be approved by the Department of Revenue so they will submit a drawing that would go on the tag and once they get that drawing approved and they have to pass a bill to add a specialty tag for this purpose and then they would be able to include this as a tag option,” remarked Senator Harkins.

Whenever the tags become available, you have to go to your county and that is where you would order it from. However, this would only take place after they pre-sell a minimum of 300 of them.

“It’s just a process that you go through with all specialty tags, most have a pre-sell minimum of 300 tags in order to start making a run on them. Whenever you go to your local county, you’ll place an order and they’ll wind up mailing it to you,” said Harkins.