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YP – CORDER: Medicaid expansion poses huge fiscal risks for Mississippi no one is talking about

To hear the Mississippi legacy media and Democratic Party stalwarts tell it, “only a fool would not take the money” that the federal government is offering to bribe states to expand Medicaid.  The talking heads are practically hyperventilating over the prospect to the point where you’d think members of the media have something to gain from it.  Nearly every outlet in the state, both on op-ed and “news” (lite op-ed) pages, is hammering the notion that the Medicaid expansion math is irrefutable.

Let’s first state the obvious.  Health care is expensive.  The delivery system is broken (for a lot of reasons).  With all of its intervention, the government has not made health care less expensive.  In fact, it’s probably as screwed up from a pricing/delivery perspective as it has ever been.

But the truth is, Medicaid expansion math is a sketchy proposition – at best.

YP – Will Mississippi colleges require COVID vaccines, masks this Fall?

See what your college or university is planning for the 2021-2022 school year.

One of the biggest current debates regarding education is whether or not schools will require students and teachers to be vaccinated against COVID-19 ahead of the 2021-2022 school year.

College immunization requirements are established by the Mississippi Institutions of Higher Learning. The Mississippi Board of Trustees of State Institutions of Higher Learning governs the public universities in Mississippi.

MSDH COVID-19 Reporting – Total For 4 Days

YP – Neshoba County Fair live and in person, just around the corner

It’s that time of year again, time for the Neshoba County Fair (NCF). Each year the fair features, entertainment, rides, games, food, horse races and of course the political speeches.

This year’s musical artists include Hardy, Trace Adkins, Jordan Davis and Riley Green.

The NCF has been happening since 1889, and was first referred to as the Coldwater Fair. It was later rebranded in 1891 as a private corporation called the Neshoba County Stock and Agricultural Fair Association. At that time, it was also moved to its current site.

YP – McDaniel: It’s Time to End Critical Race Theory in Mississippi

There’s been a lot of talk in recent months about Critical Race Theory and whether or not it should be taught in public schools. Several neighboring states that share our values, including Arkansas, Oklahoma, Florida, and Texas, have already banned the controversial subject matter from all classrooms. Mississippi should join them.

So what exactly is Critical Race Theory?

It is the belief that American society is inherently racist. Specifically, its proponents argue that every institution, be it political, economic, legal, or social, is dominated by white supremacy, that racism is embedded in everything – public schools, the legal system, healthcare, and all of American history. Nothing is spared.

YP – MSGOP Names Trent Lott, Haley Barbour Chairmen of Lott-Cochran Statesmen Hall Fund

Governor Tate Reeves and the Mississippi Republican Party today announced Chairmen of the MSGOP’s newly created Lott-Cochran Statesmen Hall Fund.

“The Mississippi Republican Party is on the frontlines defending our state from radical leftists, cancel culture, and socialist economic policies,” said Governor Tate Reeves. “They are our boots on the ground, and we need to provide support for their base of operations. I encourage you to help keep Mississippi red by donating.”

Former U.S. Senator Trent Lott and former Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour have been appointed as the inaugural chairmen of the Fund.

YP – Palazzo Cosponsors Migrant Resettlement Transparency Act

Congressman Steven Palazzo (MS-4) cosponsored H.R. 3659, the Migrant Resettlement Transparency Act, to require the Secretaries of Health and Human Services and Homeland Security to take measures to ensure transparency and cooperation with local leadership on the issue of illegal immigration into the United States.

This legislation will also require the current Administration to submit a monthly, state-specific report to Congress and gubernatorial offices, that details the resettlement, transportation, or relocation of illegal aliens. This bill was introduced as a result of the Biden Administration transporting unaccompanied minors into various states under the cover of night without the consent of state or local officials.

Guest comments on June jobs report

YP – Camgian creating 25 new jobs in Starkville

High-tech research and development and product development company Camgian Microsystems, Inc., is expanding in the Thad Cochran Research, Technology and Economic Development Park in Starkville. The company is adding 25 new jobs to support its growth.

“Camgian is a golden example of a high-tech Mississippi company doing great things here at home and around the world. Some of the nation’s brightest engineers are located here in our great state – the Silicon Valley of the South,” said Governor Tate Reeves. “I know Camgian and its employees will continue putting Mississippi on the map by delivering some of the most sought-after sensors and artificial intelligence products to users across the globe.”