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YP – The anticipated impact of virtual learning back to in-person schooling

“Coming out of the pandemic, it is abundantly clear how important classroom learning and our teachers are to achievement in our state. Though we must continue to leverage technology to our best advantage, getting our students back in school buildings when the 2021 school year begins is imperative,” said State Senator Dennis DeBar…

…“The Senate Education Committee will debrief the impact of COVID, particularly on achievement, when the Session begins in January. We will also continue to look at accountability, teacher compensation, early learning, and workforce training” stated Senator DeBar.

YP – Snyder says Medicaid expansion could get pushed as lawmakers look at rate freeze in 2022

In the 2021 Mississippi Legislative session the Medicaid Technical amendments bill, set to be good for three years, was passed by lawmakers. However, more changes could be on the horizon come the 2022 session.

On Wednesday, Director of the Division of Medicaid Drew Snyder interviewed on SuperTalk Radio’s, Gallo Show, to discuss the current state of Medicaid, the provider rate freeze and of course continued rumors and pushes for Medicaid expansion.

In the 2021 tech bill, lawmakers froze provider rate reimbursements for the foreseeable future. Snyder said this has caused some concern and issues among providers since it was implemented on July 1.

YP – Senator Harkins requests bill to create a Mississippi State Baseball National Championship car tag

State Senator Josh Harkins has announced that he has requested a bill to create a Mississippi State Baseball National Championship car tag in honor of their victory last week…

…Harkins explained that currently there are specialty car tags for a host of different entities whether it’s universities or hospitals whether or not you have a non-profit, etc. There are all sorts of specialty tags that are out there and there’s a fee that you pay to get a specialty tag and the fee goes to that organization or university or that hospital.

YP – Need a ride to get vaccinated? MDOT can help!

The Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT) continues its support for a statewide initiative that assists local residents schedule free rides to local COVID-19 vaccination sites. While not limited to a particular group, the emphasis is placed on linking persons facing transportation challenges, such as disabled or low-income individuals, veterans, and the elderly, with available transportation providers.

MDOT’s toll-free line, 1-866-813-3616, offers information and referrals for transportation to vaccination sites by connecting callers to a designated regional call center.

This initiative is being coordinated through six networks of regional community transportation providers across the state.

MSDH COVID-19 Reporting

YP – Palazzo Appointed to American Security Task Force

Congressman Steven Palazzo (MS-04) was appointed by Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) to serve on the American Security Task Force. This task force is charged with identifying and developing policy solutions to pressing issues facing the American people.

2021 has seen chaos at our southern border brought on by an administration in denial about a crisis, debilitating ransomware attacks on our nation’s critical infrastructure, and continued calls from the left to defund the police. The American Security Task Force, led by Ranking Member John Katko, will focus on solutions to secure our borders, protect the nation against cyber-attacks, and support the men and women in law enforcement. The American people deserve safety and security and a Congressional majority that delivers common sense solutions, not dangerous policies that weaken law enforcement and open our borders.