The Mississippi State Department of Health has issued new recommendations for Mississippians as the new Delta variant of COVID-19 makes its way throughout the state.

Mississippi has seen increased numbers, relative to a drop in cases once vaccines began being offered, and State Health Officer Dr. Thomas Dobbs said most of those cases are coming from the Delta variant.

The new health recommendations include: 

  • All Mississippians 12 years and older receive the vaccination.
  • All un-immunized individuals wear a mask in public.
  • All Mississippians older than 65 avoid all indoor mass gatherings, regardless of vaccination status.
  • All MS residents with chronic underlying issues avoid indoor mass gatherings.

These recommendations from MSDH will last through July 26, 2021.

This weeks numbers were high, over 350 new cases a day, reaching into the mid 400’s as well. So far the death toll has not significantly increased but State Epidemiologist Paul Byers said that is usually a number that increases after the rise in cases.

Byers also said those who are getting hospitalized and dying are largely those who have not been vaccinated.

This list is only a recommendation, no requirements have been set by Governor Tate Reeves at this time and it is unclear if he will move to do so. Dr. Dobbs did say that his office stays in regular communication with the Governor. He added that at this time they are not requesting any executive orders be made by the Governor, that these recommendations are for personal decision making.

Reeves has lifted all restrictions and requirements in the state as of April 30. Governor Reeves said he does not intend for students to wear masks in the new school year.