Mississippi ranked America’s cheapest state for 2021.

The analysis conducted by CNBC shows that the Magnolia State offers low housing costs, inexpensive energy, and all-around affordable prices.

“These ten states are where a dollar went the furthest last year, and where prices have been heading in the volatile first half of this year versus one year ago, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics,” wrote Scott Cohn. “Also listed are average prices for selected items, based on the 2020 Average Cost of Living Index by the Council for Community and Economic Research, C2ER.

The state of Mississippi was rated:

2021 Cost of Living score: 75 out of 75 points (Top States Grade: A+)

Consumer Price Index (June, South Region): Up 5.8%

Average home price (Hattiesburg): $247,812

Half gallon of milk: $2.37

Monthly energy bill: $153.76

Here are how the other top ten affordable states ranked:

10. Indiana

9. Tennessee

8. Georgia

7. New Mexico

6. Alabama

5. Missouri

4. Arkansas

3. Oklahoma

2. Kansas

  1. Mississippi

The most expensive states to live in, according to the report, were:

10. New Jersey

9. Rhode Island

8. Connecticut

7. Maryland

6. Alaska

5. Massachusetts

4. Oregon

3. California

2. New York

  1. Hawaii