With the end of the FY2021 year the Mississippi Lottery Corporation reported a total of $138,961,541.14 transferred to the state. As designated by the legislature in the original bill that enacted the lottery, the first $80 million went to infrastructure needs across Mississippi through the Mississippi Department of Transportation. After that, it all goes to education.

That means $58,961,541.14 went to the Education Enhancement fund.

The Mississippi lottery is largely fueled by two new draw-style games that contain a series of high jackpots and scratch-off tickets. the most recent transfer from June itself totaled $9,778,993.78. Total gross sales for FY21 exceeded $510 million.

“What an incredible way to end our first complete fiscal year,” said MLC President Jeff Hewitt. “Our success enabled us to return a significant amount to the state for road and bridge repair and for education. We are overwhelmed with the support of our players, vendors and retailers. We continue to introduce new games and play styles and award winners throughout the state, and I am looking forward to the continued success of the lottery.”

The MLC also saw the Powerball® and Mega Millions® jackpots reach jackpots of $731 million and $1 billion respectively.