MS Insurance Commissioner Mike Chaney spoke at the 2021 Neshoba County fair on Thursday.

Chaney started off his speech by saying that he missed they Neshoba County Fair and he’s glad to be back. He then shares that he and his wife are sharing their 55th wedding anniversary.

He then talks about how Mississippi has available, affordable, and accountable insurance.

“The insurance department touches every life in the state of Mississippi…” stated Mike Chaney. “Without insurance we would not have an economy, no matter what state you’re in.”

He talked about how over $3.5 million was returned straight back to the consumer.

They issued around 600,000 licenses during the COVID-19 pandemic, “we did it with grace and we did it efficient,” said Chaney.

The Department also oversees the regulation of elevators, electronic security alarms, inspect every public building in the state, manufacture home installations, and are responsible for over 13,000 volunteer fire fighters in the state.

The Insurance Commissioner said that 97% of the calls made to fire department are for emergency medical services.