Secretary of State Michael Watson spoke on Thursday at the Neshoba County Fair.

Secretary Watson began his remarks by highlighting Mississippi’s successful elections over the last two years even in the midst of a global pandemic. One of the first things he did in office was visit with all 82 circuit clerks to ensure there were strong relationships there and that all those individual clerks knew that he cared about the election process.

Watson said he did this to send a message that while he is a Republican, he was elected to help all Mississippians.

He also increased the effort across the nation to help first responders vote in the event they are tending to a natural disaster in another state or not local to where they are registered to vote. Mississippi’s provision for these workers has now become the standard for a national movement that Watson has been heavily involved in.

He also credited his office’s success this last year to his hard-working staff.

“It’s not me, it is an us effort,” said Watson. “Every single person in the Secretary of State’s office loves Mississippi and loves you.”

Watson has also continued the fight on regulatory reform. Mississippi is one of the most regulated states in the Southeast. He said his office is working hard to change that in order to allow more businesses to locate and operate in the state.