Committee will meet with DOJ staff next week. 

Last week, after a meeting with the January 6th committee, Chairman Congressman Bennie Thompson (D-MS02) told reporters in the U.S. Capitol that he is unsure if there would be a public hearing in August and the subject of the next hearing has not been determined as of now.

Thompson said to expect subpoenas to be issued soon. When asked how many subpoenas were to be expected, he said, “Quite a few.” 

Watch the interview below via CNN’s Manu Raju’s social media post.

House Democrats on the committee are optimistic about securing testimony from former Trump officials.

President Joe Biden’s DOJ has allowed the committee to freely seek witness statements by vowing to not block former Trump administration officials from testifying.

Congressman Thompson stated that the Department of Justice’s decision “makes it easier” to talk to former Trump Justice officials.

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