Auto, renters, life and health insurance policies should be considered when college students return to school. 

The Mississippi Insurance Department says all college students should consider some type of insurance coverage while they are at school. Depending on their situation, a student may need auto, renters, life and health insurance policies.

For example, MID says students living off-campus should consider getting renters insurance. Individuals with one or more roommate should also know that each leaseholder needs their own individual renter’s policy.

If your student is leaving their vehicle at home, you may qualify for a discount on their auto insurance if your child is not taking a car and will be 100 miles or more away from home.

Students’ belongings are covered under their parents’ homeowners insurance policies if they live in on-campus housing, but off-campus housing may not be covered. Renters insurance will protect students’ possessions from theft, fire, vandalism, tornadoes and other types of damage. This insurance would

The Insurance Department says having health insurance coverage will help protect you and your child’s finances from the cost of a medical emergency while at school. Under the Affordable Care Act dependents under the age of 26 can remain on a parent’s health insurance plan. However, students may go off to school outside of your health care provider’s network.

Insurance is for unexpected events and that’s why a variety of insurances for college students is essential during this time. MID advises parents to check with their insurance company before their kids start college to see if any of your policies will cover their child at school for free.