The Legislative Redistricting Committee is holding hearings across the state.

The Legislative Redistricting committee has set hearings through the month of August all across the state to receive suggestions and recommendations as to how Mississippi should redraw district lines for voting purposes.

This includes the four U.S. Congressional districts as well as the 174 Mississippi House and Senate districts.

Redistricting takes place every 10 years after the census is accumulated. Based on this year’s numbers, Mississippi’s population is currently at 2,961,279 which is down 6,018 persons from 2010.

There will be a total of nine hearings across the state. While many members of the committee were present at the meeting, a quorum is not required for the hearings to take place.

The meeting in Meridian was held at the Meridian Community College.

You can find the rest of the meeting times and locations HERE.

The committee consists of Senators Hob Bryan, Dennis DeBar, Josh Harkins, Briggs Hopson, David Parker, Derrick T. Simmons, Jeff Tate, Angela Turner-Ford, and Brice Wiggins, and Representatives Charles Jim Beckett, Dan Eubanks, Edward Blackmon, Jr.; Bo Brown; Kevin Ford; Vince Mangold; John Read; Fred Shanks; Cheikh Taylor; and Jason White.

State Rep. Shanks shared the population data for each county on this Facebook page. It shows which counties gained or lost population over the past 10 years. Population shifts have occurred throughout the state.