Fail Telecommunications Corporation

Alexander is General Counsel and Vice President of Operations at Fail Telecommunications Corporation.

Governor Tate Reeves has appointed Christa Alexander of Laurel to the Mississippi Department of Information Technology Services Board.

Alexander received a B.A. from the University of Mississippi in 2008 and graduated from the University of Mississippi School of Law in 2012.

In her current role as General Counsel and Vice President of Operations at Fail Telecommunications Corporation (FTC), she is an advocate for the rural broadband industry at the national, regional, and state levels. She says she enjoys being closely involved with shaping policy which nurtures rural connectivity.

Alexander is active with many broadband organizations including serving as President of The Telecommunications Association of the Southeast; a member of the NTCA Government Affairs Committee, the NTCA Smart Rural Community Advisory Council, and the MS PSC Connect Mississippi Committee; and President of the Georgia Telecommunications Association.

Alexander is passionate about sustaining the vitality of small-town America and is committed to seeing rural Mississippians thrive by bringing them all benefits that robust broadband access can offer.

Alexander’s vast knowledge of telecommunications, broadband, networking, etc., as well as her established network within the broadband community on not only a state but also regional and national levels will reap benefits for ITS, state government, and all Mississippians, the Governor says.

Current members on the ITS Board are:

  • J. Keith Van Camp, Chair
  • Bill Cook, Vice-Chair
  • Christa L. Alexander
  • Mark E. Henderson
  • Thomas A. Wicker
  • Senator Scott DeLano, Legislative Advisor
  • Representative Kent McCarty, Legislative Advisor