Mississippi Democrats are urging Governor Reeves to reinstate a statewide mask mandate. 

Leader of the Mississippi Democratic Party Tyree Irving released a statement on Monday urging Governor Tate Reeves to reinstate a statewide mask mandate for Mississippians.

His plea comes after Mississippi’s three day average of covid cases came to 7,839 and 52 new deaths over the weekend. Mississippi is among some states now with the highest new case rates with one of the lowest vaccination rates.

Tyree Irving, Chairman of the MS Democratic Party

“The science and data are clear. First, the use of masks have been shown to help slow, as well as prevent, the spread of COVID-19 when used properly,” said Irving. “Second, according to the Center for Disease Control, while in public places, people should wear masks indoors in areas of substantial or high transmission.”

Irving also asked for the support from the Mississippi Republican Party to join Mississippi Dems in their effort to encourage to Governor toward a mandate.

Senate Minority Leader Derrick T. Simmons and Mississippi House Leader Robert Johnson also urged Governor Reeves for a mandate on Friday, August 13.

Rep. Johnson and Sen. Simmons

“Mississippi is in crisis, especially our healthcare system which is collapsing. State leaders must act now with urgency. Until today, the governor was missing. Our legislative leadership is currently wasting time in hearings on medical marijuana and scheduling soon to occur hearings on income tax reform instead of focusing on getting COVID-19 numbers lowered,” they wrote in a statement. “The governor should issue a statewide mask mandate now especially for schools. He should be Mississippi’s loudest and most visible cheerleader for getting more people vaccinated.

Johnson and Simmons also urged the Governor to call a special session to appropriate more dollars in order to create measures needed to bolster and help the healthcare system.