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YP Daily Roundup 8/17/21

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YP – Population shifts in Mississippi will result in gain, loss of legislative seats

Mississippi lawmakers will soon face the reality of redrawing district lines after the 2020 Census. The Joint Legislative Redistricting Committee is currently holding hearings across the state to gather input from the public regarding the way this will be done when they return in January 2022, if not before.

Population losses were also found in Jackson, which will likely result in the loss of one state House seat. However, the suburbs of Jackson had such gains that they are likely to see an increase in up to two legislative seats. Madison’s House District 73, currently held by Rep. Jill Ford, shows a population of 50% larger than the ideal size.

According to the report, only 9 of the 42 House districts with a majority of African American residents now have populations that are within the 5% legally allowable deviation. A loss of population in North Mississippi could be handled due to creating a district drawing in which they would not lose a seat.

MSDH COVID-19 Reporting

YP – Mississippi Democrats urge Reeves to call for a statewide mask mandate

Leader of the Mississippi Democratic Party Tyree Irving released a statement on Monday urging Governor Tate Reeves to reinstate a statewide mask mandate for Mississippians.

His plea comes after Mississippi’s three day average of COVID cases came to 7,839 and 52 new deaths over the weekend. Mississippi is among some states now with the highest new case rates with one of the lowest vaccination rates.

“The science and data are clear. First, the use of masks have been shown to help slow, as well as prevent, the spread of COVID-19 when used properly,” said Irving. “Second, according to the Center for Disease Control, while in public places, people should wear masks indoors in areas of substantial or high transmission.”

Governor Reeves thanks Samaritan’s Purse for assistance

YP – TN Governor Bill Lee signs order that allows K12 parents to opt out of mask mandates

Tennessee Governor Bill Lee this afternoon signed an executive order that allows for parents of K12 students in the Volunteer State to opt out of mask mandates imposed by local school districts.

Parents can notify their schools directly of their intention to opt out and that includes for in class instruction on school buses or at school functions.

Tennessee currently has a completed vaccination rate of 40%.

SOS Watson named NASS Southern Region VP

YP – Southern United States Trade Association Announces 2022 Programs are Now Open

The Southern United States Trade Association (SUSTA) has announced the 2022 program year is now open. Companies can login to their account to re-certify and update their information to register for 2022 Global Events and submit their marketing export strategy for the 50% CostShare program. By submitting applications this fall, Mississippi companies have the opportunity to take full advantage of these programs beginning January 1, 2022.

These funds are provided through the Market Access Program (MAP) and the Agricultural Trade Promotion (ATP) program. The United States Department of Agriculture’s Foreign Agricultural Service (USDA-FAS) partners with U.S. agricultural trade associations, cooperatives, state-regional trade groups and small businesses to share the costs of overseas marketing and promotional activities that help build commercial export markets for U.S. agricultural products and commodities.

YP – Mayor Lumumba issues executive order amending COVID-19 guidelines for city employees

The mayor signed the executive order on Wednesday, requiring all City workers to produce proof by Aug. 31 of receiving at least one vaccine dose or a negative COVID-19 test result once a week at their own cost. Face coverings must also be worn at all times when at work.

The order states that “it is essential that the City promote the best health and safety practices recognized in light of current scientific understandings of the conditions  under which COVID-19 can spread.”

This order will take effect yesterday, Monday, August 16, 2021.

YP – Mississippi ACLU threatens State Senator Joel Carter over official Facebook page

The ACLU of Mississippi on behalf of a Madison County resident sent a demand letter to State Senator Joel Carter from the Gulf Coast over banning an individual from commenting on his official Facebook page.

Since then, Carter reinstated the user and she continued commenting on Carter’s official Facebook page as of Sunday 8/15.

This incident continues to highlight the interesting considerations about commenting on official Facebook pages.  This comes on the heels of the ACLU threatening 5 other elected officials with the same practice in January.  Last month, the Mississippi Department of Health stopped allowing comments on its official Facebook page to fight a “rise of misinformation” over what they deemed as “harmful and false commentary” .

That ban on commenting remains in effect.

YP – Waste Management creating 330 new, in-state customer experience jobs

Waste Management, the leading provider of comprehensive waste management in North America, is adding 330 remote workplace opportunities in Mississippi. WM will invest approximately $660,000 in the project, or $2,000 per job, for equipment and workstations, which will enable employees to work from a remote location.

“Waste Management is a top company to work for, as evidenced by their commitment to the professional and educational growth of its employees,” Governor Tate Reeves said. “The state of Mississippi is proud to partner with this great company as it consolidates call center operations in our state and creates hundreds of good jobs for our workforce.”

The Mississippi Development Authority is providing assistance for workforce training. WM is currently hiring for the new positions and plans to fill all 330 over the next two years.

YP – Wicker, Guest comment on Taliban’s rise in Afghanistan

As the Taliban assumes control of Afghanistan, some Mississippi leaders are commenting on the situation as it devolves following the Biden Administration’s rapid drawdown of U.S. troops in the region.

“What we are seeing unfold in Afghanistan amounts to the most shameful and cowardly betrayal of friends by an American president in my memory. President Biden’s ill-advised and clumsy withdrawal has done irreparable damage to our international standing and therefore to our American security. This self-inflicted humiliation is a disaster for Afghan families and will have long-term ramifications for American leadership in the world,” stated Senator Roger Wicker.

“What has happened in Afghanistan is a complete failure that rest solely on the shoulders of the Biden/Harris Administration. The United States must not recognize any government that is led by the Taliban,” stated Congressman Michael Guest. “Please continue to pray for our friends and allies in Afghanistan.”

YP – Dr. Karen Matthews with the Delta Health Alliance joins Y’all Politics to talk about their efforts to encourage Mississippians to get the COVID-19 vaccine


WLOX – Mississippi state senator speaks about his decision to get vaccinated

Mississippi remains last in the nation in terms of COVID-19 vaccination rate. The state’s population is 35% fully vaccinated against the virus, even after a surge in people taking the shot from late July and into August.

One of those Mississippians is State Sen. Joel Carter of the 49th District, who made a snap decision to get the shot at Walmart Thursday morning.

“I’ve been pretty anti-vaccine, to be honest with you, for a long time,” Carter said. “I’ve had serious reservations about it, something that has been pushed out so quickly.”

The state senator kept up that mentality for most of the pandemic, even after he caught the virus last year. However, a busy travel schedule in the middle of the delta variant spike made him rethink his position.