Mississippi ranks 10th in nation in the percent of jobs recovered from the pandemic losses.

Newly released data for July from the Bureau of Labor Statistics confirms that Republican Governors are leading the way in getting Americans back to work. Jobs are rising and unemployment is lower in states with Republican Governors and Republican majority legislatures.

“Republican-led states are leading the way out of the pandemic, while Democrat-led states fall behind,” said Republican National Committee Spokesperson Savannah Viar.  “It’s no surprise that strong, fiscally conservative policies are good for the economy and working families.”

Republican-led states have reported lower unemployment rates coming out of the pandemic. The Bureau of Labor Statistics analysis shows 16 out of the top 20 states are led by Republican governors.

Mississippi ranks 10th in the nation in the percent of jobs recovered from the pandemic losses. The Magnolia State’s 82.5% represents 124,800 jobs added back to the workforce from the 151,200 reportedly lost.

Bureau Of Labor Statistics, Accessed 8/20/21

Republican governors are also reopening their economies and helping their constituents get back into the workforce, Viar notes.

At least 25 Republican-led states have announced earlier this year that they would stop providing the additional federal unemployment money that those GOP leaders believed was discouraging people from looking for work.

That benefit is scheduled to end for all on Labor Day.

The ten states with the highest unemployment rates are all led by Democrats. Only 13 Democrat-run states have recovered at least two-thirds of their jobs lost.  Democrat-led states have an average unemployment rate of 5.9 percent while 27 states with Republican Governors have an average unemployment rate of 4.3 percent.

Mississippi’s unemployment rate was 7.6% in June 2021, up from 6.1% a month prior.  However, the rate was down from 10.3% the same month one year ago.  Mississippi’s  unemployment reached a pandemic high of 15.4% in April 2020.