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YP – Dr. Dobbs joins Y’all Politics for an expanded discussion on impact of COVID in Mississippi

Dr. Dobbs joined Y’all Politics Publisher Alan Lange to discuss a variety of topics, including masks, mask mandates, vaccine hesitancy, and the durability of the vaccine and natural immunity.

MSDH COVID-19 Reporting

YP – Firefighters with Miss. State Fire Academy help with Hurricane Ida recovery in Louisiana

Fourteen local firefighters from the Mississippi State Fire Academy (MSFA), Madison Fire Department, and Gluckstadt Fire Department are on the way to Louisiana to aid in Hurricane Ida recovery efforts.

The team could be assigned tasks ranging from firefighting to rescue to medical calls, and will be escorted to Baton Rouge, Louisiana by the Mississippi Fire Marshal’s Office.

FEMA Administrator visits with Governor Reeves, MEMA

YP – Legislators participate in two day long tax hearings to consider income tax cut

Senator Josh Harkins, Chairman of Finance and Representative Trey Lamar, Chairman of Ways and Means sat down to discuss their takeaway from the hearings.

YP – Governor Reeves appoints Laura Hipp as Interim Executive Director of MDA

Laura Hipp has been appointed by Governor Tate Reeves as the Interim Executive Director of the Mississippi Development Authority. Her appointment comes after former director John Rounsaville resigned earlier this month following an investigation into his conduct.

Laura Hipp has served as chief marketing officer for MDA. In that role, she oversees marketing and communication for economic development and tourism. She was director of communications for Reeves and previously served as director of communications for former Governor Haley Barbour.

YP – Members of MS delegation holding President Biden responsible for Afghan exit

Members of Congress as well as the U.S. Senate representing Mississippi are calling for President Joe Biden to continue evacuation efforts in Kabul past the arbitrary August 31 deadline and for the President to take responsibility for what they are calling a failure in the pull out of Afghanistan…

…American voters appear to also be disappointed with the withdrawal from Afghanistan led by President Biden. A national Rasmussen Poll released today shows that 52% of Americans are calling for Biden’s resignation over the situation, while 60% believe he should be impeached.

YP – Texas allowed to enact 6-week abortion ban ahead of Mississippi U.S. Supreme Court case

On Wednesday, the U.S. Supreme court allowed a Texas state law to ban abortions after six weeks to be upheld despite an emergency petition that was filed by Texas abortion clinics. They chose not to take up a hearing based on the petitions, giving Texas the authority to implement their law.

The Texas law was officially signed by the Governor in May 2021. It would outlaw the procedure after six weeks as well as place a fine of $10,000 on anyone who violated the law.

The decision to allow the law to take effect could be a precursor to the review of Mississippi’s 15-week abortion ban that the Court agreed to hear back in May. That Mississippi legislation was passed in 2018 and has been called a direct challenge to Roe v. Wade, the decision that legalized abortion nationwide in 1973.

WTVA – DA intends to seek indictment against Tupelo Councilwoman Nettie Davis, per court filing

District Attorney John Weddle apparently plans to seek an indictment against Tupelo Councilwoman Nettie Davis.

This comes after she held a raffle on June 1 to encourage voting in the June 8 Tupelo general election.