Congressman Steven Palazzo has called for the resignation of President Joe Biden, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and Chairman of the Joint Chief’s of Staff General Mark Milley in a signed individual resolution.

This comes in response to the crisis in Afghanistan and what Palazzo called a “failure to fulfill their oath of office.” He indicated that this failure led to the condemnation of the United States by allies as well as a diminished standing on the international stage. He further elaborated that this lack of leadership allowed the Taliban to be armed with billions of dollars worth of taxpayer supplied military equipment as well as the unnecessary deaths of thirteen American soldiers..

“These individuals swore an oath to protect our country against enemies foreign and domestic. Their responsibility in allowing terror to overwhelm Afghanistan has clearly shown that they have failed to live up to that oath,” said Palazzo. “It remains unclear to us if the President acted against the recommendations of his most senior leaders, or if the leaders planted this dangerous strategy in his mind. What is clear to me is if the leaders of our Department of Defense believed in their best military judgment that this abandonment of the Afghan people and American citizens was the appropriate course of action, they are incapable of the leadership that the American people deserve and need to step down from their posts immediately.”

Palazzo also cosponsored a bill to award each service member who lost their lives while the terrorists took over Afghanistan on August 26th, the Congressional Gold Medal for their extreme bravery and valor.

“The heroes whose lives were taken by a terrorist attack in Kabul deserved more from their leadership in the White House and should never have been taken from their families. This bill is a small token of appreciation for their dedication to protecting Americans fleeing the dangers of the Taliban. I will continue fighting in Congress for our Gold Star Families and our nation’s veterans,” said Palazzo.