MPUS currently looking to fill two Utilities Analyst positions.

The Mississippi Public Utilities Staff is looking to hire two Utilities Analysts. Those positions will assist the division director in examining and analyzing financial records and rate structures in filings, reports, testimony, data, and exhibits submitted by utility companies providing natural gas, electric, water/sewer, and telecommunications in Mississippi.

The analysts will prepare and review complex fiscal analyses and reports; analyze economic, financial, and other data related to public utility regulation; prepare case materials required in regulatory proceedings; and develop relationships with various internal and external stakeholders as part of the regulatory process.

“Electric vehicle charging, grid modernization, renewables. Come join our team and help lead Mississippi into the future as an analyst with the PUS,” Executive Director Sally Doty said.

Learn more about these positions with the MPUS here.

The Public Utilities Staff was created in 1990 to represent the broad interests of the State of Mississippi by balancing the respective concerns of the residential, commercial and industrial utility customers, the state agencies and the public utilities. It is an agency completely separate and independent from the Public Service Commission.

The Staff is headed by the Executive Director and is composed of 28 members with a variety of technical expertise, including engineering, accounting, legal, economics, telecommunications and policy. There are five divisions: Legal; Administrative Services; Economics and Planning; Water and Sewer; and Electric, Gas, and Communications.