Jackson Women’s Health Organization lawyers claim 1 in 4 women will have an abortion, and there tens of thousands each year who “need abortions” after 15 weeks.

On Monday, attorneys representing Jackson Women’s Health Organization filed a response with the U.S. Supreme Court in their case against the state of Mississippi’s 15-week abortion ban. This comes after Mississippi Attorney General Lynn Fitch’s recent response that both defended the state law and challenged Roe v. Wade.

Abortion clinic supporters argue in the brief that Mississippi does not come close to making the showing required to upend this balance of Roe, and to disregard entirely the “vital liberty and equality interests of those who would be affected by the radical change
in the law it requests.”

The abortion advocates say that nearly one in four women decide to end a pregnancy during their lives, and there are tens of thousands each year who “need abortions” after 15 weeks.

“Every version of the State‚Äôs argument amounts to the same thing: a request that the Court scuttle a half-century of precedent and invite states to ban abortion entirely,” the abortion attorneys write. “Insofar as the Court considers this argument, the Court should reject it.”

Attorney General Fitch issued a video statement in response to the Women’s Health Organization response, saying the brief offered no solid arguments in defense of Roe.

“Nothing in constitutional text, structure, history or tradition supports a constitutional right to abortion,” Fitch said, adding, “The Court should overturn this flawed and hopelessly unworkable precedent.”

You can read the latest filing by Jackson Women’s Health Organization below.

Jackson Womens Health Organization SCOTUS Response 9-13-21 by yallpolitics on Scribd