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YP – Sen. Chad McMahan (R): “Medicaid is not a welfare program.” – MS Senate colleagues disagree.

The first smoke signal of the Senate’s continued flirtation with Medicaid expansion was raised in an interview with State Senator Chad McMahon who appeared on the Gallo Radio Show on Wednesday morning…

…But what McMahan said next is where he, and perhaps others in the GOP caucus, diverge from traditional conservative philosophy as it relates to Medicaid.

“Medicaid is not a welfare program,” McMahan said passionately. “Medicaid is a minimum government insurance program for those that don’t have.”…

…The notion that Medicaid is not a welfare program is the narrative Democrats and advocates have used for years to push for Medicaid expansion and for other government taxpayer-funded health care programs, namely the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare.  The program is wildly unpopular with Mississippi Republican voters.

MSDH COVID-19 Reporting

YP – Can Mississippi lawmakers, industry employees challenge Biden’s COVID vaccine mandates?

What can Mississippi’s lawmakers and local industry employees do to challenge President Joe Biden’s COVID vaccine mandates?

State Senator Chris McDaniel joined Y’all Politics on Wednesday to discuss this hot topic as the federal vaccine mandates begin impacting employees at Mississippi companies such as Huntington Ingalls Industries Shipyard in Pascagoula.

AG Fitch talks MS abortion SCOTUS case in social media ad

YP – All 206 Republican House members voted against raising the U.S. debt ceiling

The legislation passed the U.S. House on a party-line vote 219-206 with every yes from Democrats and every no from Republicans. The bill has now passed both the House and Senate. It delays any long-term action to address the debt ceiling until early December.

“Under Democrats, government spending is out of control. Democrats want to add trillions of dollars to the national debt and raise the debt ceiling to pay for it. The White House, Senate, and House of Representatives are controlled by a single party, and that party has a path to increase the debt limit to fund their own spending priorities. I do not intend to help them on this fiscally destructive path,” Congressman Guest said in a recorded statement.

WTVA – Report: Tupelo Councilwoman Nettie Davis, Charles Penson indicted

The Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal reported a Lee County grand jury indicted Tupelo Councilwoman Nettie Davis and Tupelo Democratic Municipal Executive Committee Chairman Charles Penson on misdemeanor charges of violating state election laws

This comes after a camera captured Davis prior to the June general election asking for money to raffle off to voters.