Congressman Guest joins colleagues in letter to Biden Admin. over decisions to cut American energy production. 

Republicans criticize President Biden’s decisions to cut American energy production while asking for OPEC to increase energy production, calling it another ‘Afghanistan debacle’

This week, Congressman Guest joined Republican leadership and other Members in a letter to President Biden lambasting the Administration’s energy policies.

The letter emphasizes the impact of the President’s decisions to hinder American energy production while requesting increased production of resources from the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC).

“Instead of continuing to call for increased prosperity for OPEC+ affiliated nations that seek to harm the United States, we should meet American needs with American-produced energy. Accordingly, we urge you to reverse course and embrace an American solution by rescinding Executive Orders and other policies designed by your Administration to reduce access to our country’s oil and natural gas resources, which reduces the global competitiveness of American companies and workers,” the Members write.

“Currently, your Administration’s reputation with regard to clean, affordable energy is headed in a similar direction as the Afghanistan debacle — a strategic failure where situational reality was set aside in favor of political expediency,” the letter continues. “Unlike Afghanistan, there is an opportunity to fix this mess before it turns into a permanent crisis. If your Administration is truly concerned about energy prices for American families and believes an increase in global oil production is necessary to meet that goal, the best place to start is right here at home.”

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