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YP Daily Roundup 10/18/21

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YP – Wicker Fights to Expand U.S. Navy

The United States and China are fast approaching a pivotal moment that will determine who controls the Pacific. For 75 years, the U.S. Navy has been the dominant force in that region, providing support to our allies and protecting trade lanes that are vital to our economy. China is now challenging our presence in the region. Over the past decade, China has dramatically grown its military and built the world’s largest navy. In the last year alone, China has produced a record 27 navy warships compared to just three new warships for the U.S. Navy. China is bent on replacing America as the world’s leading superpower and is making the necessary investments to do so.

Whether America meets this challenge will depend on the actions of Congress and President Biden. Although our national policy has been to achieve a 355-ship Navy, years of production delays and scarce funding have left us with an undersized fleet of 297 ships. Our readiness has declined, and we are scrapping old vessels faster than we are building new ones.

MSDH COVID-19 Reporting

Governor Reeves, others participate in Veterans Home groundbreaking

YP – MCRAE: A No-Strings-Attached Economic Stimulus

Nearly every receipt you get this year is a little higher than it was last year. The cost of groceries is up 3 percent from 2020. Gas prices haven’t been this high since 2014. And a new car now costs, on average, $45,000 – equivalent to the median annual household income in Mississippi. Inflation is eroding America’s Middle Class.

The policies coming out of the Biden administration are doing little to address the crisis. Consider their so-called “enhanced unemployment benefits,” a hallmark of the Executive Branch’s COVID-relief package. Here, the government decided to pay Americans more to stay out of the workforce than re-enter it. As a result, people stayed home. Manufacturers struggled to find workers. Already weak supply chains were stretched further. Production delays occurred. The supply fell. Prices increased.

Congressman Thompson, Jan 6 Committee pursue criminal contempt on Bannon

YP – Republicans lambast Biden on energy priorities

Republicans criticize President Biden’s decisions to cut American energy production while asking for OPEC to increase energy production, calling it another ‘Afghanistan debacle’

This week, Congressman Guest joined Republican leadership and other Members in a letter to President Biden lambasting the Administration’s energy policies.

The letter emphasizes the impact of the President’s decisions to hinder American energy production while requesting increased production of resources from the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC).

Wicker attends Amory Lock and Dam renaming to honor Cochran

WDAM – State Sen. McDaniel serves as grand marshal for Moselle Homecoming Parade

Grand Marshal for the event was State Senator Chris McDaniel.

“I absolutely love It,” McDaniel said. “Part of what I believe is that I’m an employee and these are my employers and when they ask me to do something I do my very best to make it happen so it’s just a great honor.”

The parade was followed by the presentation of the Homecoming Court. Two football games also took place.