Representative Jansen Owen

State Rep. Owen wants Legislature to address Biden Administration overreach. 

Mississippi State Representative Jansen Owen (R-Poplarville) penned a letter to Governor Tate Reeves this week asking that additional agenda items be added to the Governor’s consideration for a special session. Lawmakers expect a call from the Governor to implement medical marijuana in the state before the end of the year.

Rep. Owen implored the Governor to consider legislation aimed at circumventing or mitigating the impact of vaccine mandates and the proposed IRS policy that would allow additional access to Mississippians’ bank accounts, issues being pushed for by the Biden Administration.

“I am vaccinated. My family and I made the personal decision to take the vaccine for ourselves. I have encouraged others – family, friends, and constituents alike – to do the same,” Owen writes in the letter dated October 21, 2021, and sent to the Governor’s office. “It is not the responsibility of the federal government to decide for individuals whether or not to take the vaccine. Instead of using his position to encourage Americans to get vaccinated, Joe Biden’s unprecedented vaccine mandates tells millions of Americans that they have but one choice: get the shot – or else you lose your ability to earn a living, pay your bills, and feed your family. The mandates go so far as to conscript private businesses to federal service – as arms of federal vaccine mandate enforcement. All by executive fiat. That’s not freedom. That’s not liberty. That’s not America.”

While a recent, and possibly final, draft of the medical marijuana legislation has been sent to Governor Reeves, according to State Sen. Kevin Blackwell, it is still unclear as to whether or not a special session will be called at this late date in the 2021 calendar year. Owen said he hopes Governor Reeves does call a special session and takes into consideration his additional requests.

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Governor Reeves has previously indicated that he would consider legislation to be added to the session agenda to reinstate financial benefits to the families of first responders who died while working in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

While some might criticize actions taken by the state to preempt federal law, Rep. Owen believes it is the right time to challenge that precedent in hopes that it might change.

“The United States Supreme Court has held that Congress cannot force Americans to purchase health insurance. In the same vein, the President cannot force businesses to mandate vaccinations, or force citizens to be vaccinated via executive fiat,” Owen says.

Owen said he believes it is the Mississippi Legislature’s responsibility to serve as “guardians for our people and their constitutional rights.”

“There is no better time to challenge this precedent than now – and let Mississippi send Joe Biden a clear message: We will not yield silently. We will see you in court,” Rep. Owen said.

Legislation or executive orders combating the rise of federal mandates under the Biden Administration have been passed or are being considered in several states, including the states of Texas and Florida.

Read the full letter from Rep. Owen to Governor Reeves below: 

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