Submitted by State Senator Chris McDaniel

Mainstream media fully supports every horrible decision from the Biden Administration regardless of the negative consequences.

It has been noted that a robust, free press is our Republic’s guiding light.

But what happens when the press becomes nothing more than an appendage of a major political party?

Since he announced his presidential candidacy in 2015, the media bombarded us with exaggerations describing Donald Trump as a tyrant.  Remember the warnings when he was elected about how his presidency would usher in an unprecedented assault on freedom?

But with Trump no longer in the White House, mainstream journalists are indifferent or outright delightful when government constraints on freedom originate with Joe Biden. Consider how the press has reacted to his current plans and compare it to the hysteria directed toward President Trump.

A reporter recently asked Biden how many Americans need to be vaccinated before the country could return to normal. He answered, “I think we get the vast majority. 97, 98 percent.”  In sum, Biden will only allow the American people to return to our everyday lives when nearly all of us are forced by the government to take an injection whether we want it or not.

He has even proposed vaccine mandates for businesses with 100 or more employees. Those entities could face fines of up to $700,000 for non-compliance.  And he has proposed vaccine passports, even for interstate travel.  In other words, you will have to show your papers before you can travel across this land of the free.

To all of this medical tyranny, Dr. Fauci responded: “I would hope that people would understand that all of this is for their benefit, for the safety of themselves, their family, and their societal responsibility,” he said. “There comes a time when you do have to give up what you consider your individual right of making your own decision for the greater good of society.”

It’s an alarming approach, considering nearly every tyrant throughout history has used the “common good” to justify his rise to power and the oppression of individual rights.  Abuse and violence were almost always the inevitable results.

And yet, the press remains supportive of Biden’s overreach.

Making matters worse, the Biden administration’s plans regarding the economy are far more threatening. Press Secretary Psaki all but admitted what they want to accomplish:  use the COVID outbreak to restructure our economy along more socialistic lines. “The President wants to make a fundamental change in our economy, and he feels coming out of the Pandemic is exactly the time to do that.”

This is part of Biden’s “Build Back Better” plan, essentially a massive spending spree on liberal goodies, driving up prices because of monetary inflation and fulfilling a generational wish list of Socialist priorities.

Biden claims he will pay for the reckless spending by “making the rich pay their fair share.” But his words are not sincere.

Instead of taxing the rich, he wants to force the IRS to monitor the spending habits of American citizens and keep track of all transactions in accounts of more than $600. This is not to make the rich pay more in taxes; it is a weapon designed for the IRS to harass blue-collar workers and middle-class Americans into paying more.

But predictably, the press seems oblivious to the dangers.

Another part of Biden’s plan is to track mileage and tax Americans for each mile driven, with a pilot program already in operation. So, in addition to the massive taxes Americans already pay, and even though the roads are paid for and therefore owned by the people, the federal government wants to charge us for using them, all in the name of “climate change.”

His administration has also said that parents shouldn’t be “the primary stakeholder” in their children’s education. So instead, Biden seeks to significantly liberalize American schools with a radical curriculum, including the 1619 Project and Critical Race Theory.

Related to this, the FBI has been weaponized against the American people, especially conservatives.

For instance, Biden’s Attorney General, Merrick Garland, ordered the FBI to monitor parents who are opposed to teaching critical race theory in public schools. His memo cited “threats” to public servants. What’s more, the National School Board Association is seeking to classify the protestors as “domestic terrorists.”  Thus, tactics designed to intimidate are becoming the norm.

Meanwhile, labor and supply shortages plague the country while inflation is raging.  The southern border is also entirely out of control.  But the Biden administration has no plans to solve the problems.

Yet, the establishment media fully supports every horrible decision regardless of the negative consequences.

It’s an embarrassing display of partisanship, as the “guiding lights” of the press are no longer truth-tellers. Instead, party politics has become their new obsession, not objective journalism.  And our country is paying a terrible price.

Since 2017, The Washington Post has printed the epitaph “Democracy Dies in Darkness” at the top of page one.

It appears we are about to test that theory.

As nightfall approaches, storm clouds gather, and the few remaining lamps of liberty struggle to flicker across the land; a handful of patriots will ultimately decide the future of our Republic.  In so doing, they will finally answer the age-old mystery debated by philosophers and poets:

Is the dawn always invincible?


Submitted by State Senator Chris McDaniel.