“These federal mandates… threaten every Mississippian’s individual liberties. They are nothing short of tyranny.”

Leaders across the country and in the state of Mississippi are speaking out against President Joe Biden’s federal vaccine mandates.

Governor Tate Reeves took to Facebook on Tuesday to express his distaste for the mandate. He also voiced expectations on how Mississippi will fight the mandates.

Reeves wrote:

“Joe Biden’s vaccine mandates are one of the most shocking attacks on personal liberty we have seen in this country during my lifetime. I am a strong supporter of the COVID vaccines and commend the Trump administration’s efforts to develop it. I even got it on Facebook Live to demonstrate my confidence. I have urged every Mississippian to talk to their doctor and make a personal decision to protect themselves. These federal mandates, however, threaten every Mississippian’s individual liberties. They are nothing short of tyranny.”

Governor Reeves went on to say he has instructed every branch of government that he is over to work together in support of a lawsuit to block these mandates. He said he anticipates something will be filed by the end of this week.

New guidance was released yesterday that indicate employers must honor and give deference to religious convictions and health status. Reeves said this will create the opportunity for broad discretion by businesses who want to protect their employees rights to choose whether or not to get vaccinated.

Reeves continued in his post:

“While we fight the federal mandates in the courts, the new guidance opens the door for Mississippi workers to keep their jobs if you have a sincerely held conviction.

“Although the federal government has not followed through on a single threat, many institutions across the country have acted rashly out of fear of losing federal funds. They should be reminded that the state of Mississippi will not be in the business of subsidizing or supporting institutions that fail to go out of their way to respect at least these basic human rights. Every Mississippi business, university, and hospital should bend over backwards to accommodate and presume goodwill.”