U.S. Rep. Michael Guest discusses bipartisan efforts to address challenges facing rural hospitals during the 2019 Rural Healthcare Summit at the University of Mississippi Medical Center.

Legislation passed the House by a vote of 416 – 4 

Earlier this year, Congressman Michael Guest (MS-03) introduced H.R.2220, a measure that would allow the General Services Administration (GSA) to enter into bargain price purchasing agreements. It passed the House of Representatives last week on a 416-4 vote.

Guest has said the legislation would save taxpayer dollars from costly long-term lease contracts by allowing the GSA to purchase property as an alternative to expensive rental contracts.

“This is a common-sense correction that will continue this committee’s work in reducing the taxpayer’s burden in federal real estate. I appreciate the Chairman and Ranking Member for bringing this legislation to the floor and for my colleague and friend Congressman Greg Pence’s work on this issue in the previous Congress. I urge my colleagues to support the bill,” Congressman Guest told his colleagues on the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.

Congressman Pence noted his commitment to the bill, calling it sensible legislation that will save billions of taxpayer dollars.

“With our nation’s real infrastructure so broken and too often ignored by Congress, I am committed to working with Congressman Guest and my colleagues to put common-sense options on the table that reduce government waste, and free up funds to invest in our crumbling roads and more,” said Congressman Pence. “Sensible legislation like this has the potential to save billions of taxpayer dollars by bringing fair market practices to federal real estate. Hoosiers, and all Americans deserve an efficient government that can meet our 21st Century infrastructure needs.”

You can view the full text of the bill here.