If the companies are found guilty of the violation, they are subject to a civil penalty of $10,000 for each violation.

The Mississippi Public Service Commission in cooperation with the Attorney General’s Office has sent a Notice of Alleged Violation (NAV) to eight companies for alleged violations of the Mississippi No-Call law.

“The Commission works closely with Attorney General Lynn Fitch’s office every day to ensure these illegal telemarketers know not to take advantage of Mississippians,” Chairman Dane Maxwell, Southern District Commissioner, said. “Our efforts are ongoing, but as always, we need help from consumers who can help us catch these illegal callers.”

The eight companies suspected of violating the Mississippi Telephone Solicitation Act, Miss. Code Ann. § 77-3-701, et seq. include:

  • AM Protection, Inc.
  • Straight Marketing
  • Student Loan Financial Assistance, LLC
  • Thrio Inc.
  • Crisp Marketing, LLC
  • Transparent BPO, LLC
  • Vacation Tour and Travel
  • Zealous Services, Inc.

An investigation by the Commission and Office of the Attorney General found these companies have allegedly been calling numerous consumers whose numbers are on the Mississippi Do Not Call Registry.

“Predatory telemarketers should know that we take consumer complaints seriously and that we will spare no effort in tracking them down and prosecuting them,” Northern District Commissioner Brandon Presley said.

The eight companies represent 180 complaints. The Office of the Attorney General sent the NAVs on behalf of the Commission. The NAVs allow companies an informal opportunity to resolve the alleged violations before further litigation. If the company is found guilty of the violation, they are subject to a civil penalty of $10,000 for each violation.

“So far this year, Mississippi consumers have filed 13,090 complaints to our No Call Specialists in the Central District,” Central District Commissioner Brent Bailey said. “Our efforts are strengthened when you report these calls, giving us ammunition to go after these companies as we continue our fight with support of the Attorney General’s team, specifically Special Assistant Attorney General James Rankin.”