The State Senator-elect was endorsed by various Mississippi Democratic Party officials in the non-partisan special election.

Rod Hickman won the special runoff election in State Senate District 32 on Tuesday, drawing 60% of the vote over opponent Dr. Minh Duong. Hickman, an attorney and college professor, was the top vote getter in the initial special election on November 2nd.

Hickman replaces Democrat Sampson Jackson who resigned earlier this year. Jackson, along with other Democrats serving in the state legislature and Mississippi Democratic Party leaders, endorsed Hickman’s candidacy during the runoff period. Some of those included Sen. David Blount, Sen. Derrick Simmons, Judge Constance Slaughter-Harvey, and Chairman Tyree Irving. Those endorsements helped to solidify Hickman’s win in the traditionally Democrat district.

During the campaign, Hickman advocated for additional education funding, Medicaid expansion and rural broadband expansion, among other issues. His slogan centered on “Reimagine District 32 and Mississippi.”

A total of nine candidates were in the initial special election. Three of those endorsed Dr. Duong.