The Mississippi U.S. Senator believes the President should firmly back the island democracy.

On Thursday, Mississippi Senator Roger Wicker joined Larry Kudlow on FoxBusiness to discuss Taiwan and upgrading the U.S. Navy.

“Our policy of strategic ambiguity toward Taiwan no longer serves the American interest, and President Biden needs to change it,” Wicker told Kudlow.

Senator Wicker’s appearance on FoxBusiness comes after he wrote an Op-Ed in the Wall Street Journal last week where he noted that President Joe Biden should come out and say that America will defend its ally Taiwan from communist China’s aggressions toward the island democracy.

“China is amassing military power at an alarming pace. It is increasingly obvious that the longstanding U.S. policy of ‘strategic ambiguity’—refusing to commit to helping Taiwan in the event of a Chinese military invasion—no longer serves our national interests,” Wicker wrote. “China’s strident behavior evinces a level of seriousness and a narrowing time horizon for action. If there is any hope of deterring war with China and protecting our Taiwanese friends, it is imperative that the Biden administration and Congress make American strategy clear.”

Senator Wicker told Kudlow that while he does not want a war with China over Taiwan but he believes the best way to avoid conflict is through a show of strength and resolve from the President.

In addition, Russia is amassing their military on the border of Ukraine, another area where Wicker says U.S. strength should be shown.

Senator Wicker believes it is time for a buildup of the U.S. Navy in the Pacific, something he says concerns him in the President’s defense budget. Wicker says the President’s budget does not show that he understands the need to increase the Navy fleet for strategic purposes in defending Taiwan.

You can watch the full interview with Kudlow above.