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Jackson’s murder rate per capita ranks highest in the U.S.

Surge in Jackson homicides resulted in a 17% jump in violent crime, according to the city.

In 2021, Jackson, Mississippi experienced its deadliest year on record. The City reports 150 homicides were committed as of December 21. That number shatters its previous record of nearly 130 set last year.

The homicide rate for Jackson is 99.5 per 100,000 residents. WLBT reported last week that Jackson’s rate of killings per capita ranks highest in the country.

“Every homicide that occurs in Jackson is heart-breaking, and I mourn for those affected by these tragedies. We continue to work behind the scenes to tackle violent crime in Jackson,” a statement from Mayor Chockwe Antar Lumumba’s office stated.

“It is my prayer for 2022 that we learn to resolve our issues without violence and that we strengthen our love and bonds as families and communities to continue to build a stronger, safer and more prosperous Jackson for all,” the statement continued.

WLBT’s analysis calculated per capita rates of killings for cities with a population of at least 130,000 such as Chicago, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia, along with other cities that had previously high homicide rates, such as New Orleans and Baton Rouge.