Sen. Angela Hill

Hill raises red flag on SEL, CRT and implicit bias training.

State Senator Angela Hill (R) joined Y’all Politics on Friday to discuss two hot button issues across the state: medical marijuana and education curriculum as it relates the inclusion of Critical Race Theory. Hill is drafting bills related to both.

Senator Hill expressed her concern over the medical marijuana bill’s allowance of limitedly trained budtenders to dole out the product. She would like pharmacists involved in the dispensing of the product and ensure doctors receive specific cannabis-related training. She also shares Governor Tate Reeves’ concern over the amount of the product that can be obtained by a patient at any one time.

Regarding education and proposed curriculum changes, Senator Hill wants the Mississippi Department of Education to provide more transparency when considering these changes by sending the proposals to lawmakers instead of merely listing them with the Secretary of State. She is openly concerned about the Social Emotional learning (SEL) models, implicit bias training, and Critical Race Theory curriculum making their way through public education in Mississippi.

Watch the full interview with State Senator Hill below.