The hope from lawmakers supporting the new map is that what they have done will avoid a lengthy court action. 

Today, the Mississippi Senate passed HB 384, the ‘Magnolia 1’ Congressional Redistricting plan, joining the House in approving the new map. The vote was 33-18 with one voting present.

“Magnolia1” Congressional Districts

Senator Dean Kirby (R), chairman of the Senate Rules Committee, presented the Congressional Redistricting plan on the Senate floor.

Congressional District 2 lost some 65,000 persons since the last Census. Through HB 384, District 2 will become leveled with Districts 1,3, and 4.

“This plan really allows the people in District 2 to elect the person of their choice with confidence,” Kirby said.

State Senators Derrick Simmons, Senate Democratic Leader, and Angela Turner-Ford offered separate amendments on the floor. Both of the Senators’ amendments failed.

Passage of the redistricting plan became a priority for lawmakers as qualifying for the 2022 midterms is underway. HB 384 will help potential candidates know for certain what districts they are in and what territory they will be asked to cover during the campaigns and if elected.

The Mississippi House passed the plan last week by a vote of 76-42.

The plan was presented in the House by Speaker Pro Tem Rep. Jason White who also presented the plan during the Joint Legislative Redistricting Committee in December.

“There was a great attempt by this Committee to not have to rely on the courts this time to draw the plan. We wanted to handle Mississippi’s business by elected Mississippi officials. And so with that in mind, we leaned greatly on the current federal plan that is in place,” White told Y’all Politics.

During a Senate Rules Committee meeting on Tuesday, the committee voted to pass the bill out of committee. Senator Kirby said it is “exactly the bill” both the House and the Joint Legislative Redistricting Committee have already passed.

You can click HERE to read the full text off HB 384.