Mississippi’s chief elections official is seeking election integrity legislation in the 2022 session. Watch the interview to hear what’s in the works.

Mississippi Secretary of State Michael Watson joined Y’all Politics on Thursday for a discussion on voting, elections, and his office’s legislative agenda for 2022.

Watson took issue with President Joe Biden’s call for the U.S. Senate to change its rules to allow the passage of a “voting rights” bill that would undermine state run elections, Voter ID, and other safeguards.

The first term Secretary of State is advocating for strengthening election integrity in Mississippi. He is seeking legislation this year to require proof of citizenship in an effort to ensure legal U.S. and Mississippi citizens are voting here. In addition, Watson is seeking the authority for his office to perform post-election audits and to conduct voter role maintenance. He also wants lawmakers to take on challenging social media platforms and their ability to restrict candidates’ and elected officials’ voices.

Secretary Watson is continuing to “Tackle the Tape,” examining state regulations that hinder business growth and economic development. Watson says his office will be unveiling the next phase of this effort next week, calling it “29 by 29.”

Watch the full interview with Secretary Watson below.