The MSGOP Chairman foresees more party switchers coming in 2022 as local officials and voters move away from Democrat policies and politics. Watch the interview.

On Thursday, Chairman of the Mississippi Republican Party Frank Bordeaux joined Y’all Politics for a conversation on the party’s priorities and the politics of the day.

Bordeaux says there is a lot of energy at the local level in Mississippi, with gains in city elections last year and more local officials switching parties, moving away from the Democratic Party. He says there are more party switchers at the local level coming soon.

The Chairman says the state party is taking discussions on reforming the initiative process in the state seriously. Bordeaux says the MSGOP supports the initiative process being reinstated where citizens have a voice in laws. He also says he is proud to see the focus on raising teacher pay and eliminating the state income tax.

Bordeaux is looking for a robust turnout in the 2022 midterms, with Republicans aiming to take back the U.S. House. He says Mississippi Republicans will be assisting in efforts in other states as well.

Watch the full interview with MSGOP Chairman Bordeaux below.