MCPP says the math shows the House plan would give families a massive tax break, Senate plan would hardly help at all.

What would income tax elimination mean for you and your family?

To help Mississippians see how their family finances would be impacted by the proposal to eliminate the state income tax, the Mississippi Center for Public Policy has created an interactive tool.

Simply enter your county, income, car value and marital status in MCPP’s new calculator and you can compare the differences between the tax plans in the House and Senate.

Click here to see the impact on the two plans for yourself.

“Anyone in our state can enter their details and see what impact the proposal to eliminate the income tax will have on their tax bill,” Douglas Carswell, President and CEO of MCPP told Y’all Politics. “Our interactive tool shows how much tax households pay currently and how much less they would pay if the House proposal to eliminate the income tax goes through. We also show how much worse off folk would be under the alternative plan put forward by the Senate.”

MCPP is advocating for a full elimination of the state income tax, along with other conservative think tanks and business leaders across the state.

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“With so much spin, we thought we should let folk see the math and let the math do the talking,” Carswell said. “The math shows that the House plan would give families a massive tax break. The other proposal would hardly help at all”.

The interactive tool can be viewed at: