Governor Reeves signed a bill on Thursday that would strengthen Mississippi election laws and voter rolls. 

Governor Tate Reeves signed HB 1510 into law on Thursday. It requires proof of citizenship in order to vote. The new law also directs a higher percentage of funding to local elections to ensure election integrity.

“We are investing in the security of our elections and in doing so we are working to ensure Mississippians can have faith in our democratic process,” said Governor Reeves.

He added that the bill will offer greater accountability and bolstering trust in the effective operation of state elections.

Reeves said some will claim that the bill makes it harder for Americans to vote, but he says that is false.

He reassured the public in his video that no person will be denied a ballot and if eligibility is questioned, that voter will have up to five days to prove citizenship.

“If you are a citizen of our great country, you will be able to vote in Mississippi,” said Reeves.

Governor Reeves asserted that many on the “left” have an agenda to open the voter rolls to non-citizens and illegal aliens in an attempt to stack the vote and maintain power. He said those allowances will not be tolerated in the state.

“This is a win for all Mississippians and those who value free and fair elections,” said Reeves.