RNC says rural voters are not pleased with the Biden Administration’s policies.

Congressman Bennie Thompson (D) hosted Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsak and Policy Advisor Susan Rice on their visit to Mississippi on Wednesday. The three were involved in several events in the 2nd Congressional District during their visit.

Officials and stakeholders met together with the Secretary and Advisor in Clarksdale and Greenwood as part of the trip.

The Republican National Convention (RNC) commented on the visit from Biden Administration officials in Mississippi.

“Tom Vilsack’s taxpayer-funded damage control tour won’t change Joe Biden’s abysmal approval rating with rural voters. The only thing Vilsack’s trip to the Magnolia State proves is that Democrats don’t know when to quit on their failed economic agenda,” said RNC Spokesperson Savannah Viar.

The RNC stands by statistics that show rural voters are not pleased with the Biden Administration’s current policy decisions that have impacted inflation. Their reports showed that Mississippi farmers are “feeling the pinch” of inflation with a major rise in fertilizer per ton and roughly 20 percent more for feed as of last month.