The bill allows for tax credits when donations are given to pregnancy resource centers. 

On Thursday, Governor Reeves signed HB 1685, the Pregnancy Resource Act, which authorizes a tax credit for donations to a pregnancy resource center or crisis pregnancy center eligible to receive funding disbursed by the Choose Life Advisory Committee.

Reeves said the bill was not just about tax credits, but to ensure the ability for every unborn child to have the right to live past the womb.

The Pregnancy Resource Act which creates a $3.5 million tax credit for individuals and businesses to use in support of donations for non-profit pregnancy resource centers and crisis pregnancy centers around the state.

“Mississippi will continue to take all available avenues to build and promote a culture of life,” said Governor Tate Reeves. “This means supporting mothers, passing pro-family laws, and strengthening community support systems. Together, we’ll build a society that recognizes that every child is wanted, every life is precious, and every individual has an inherent worth and dignity that is worth protecting.”

Pregnancy resource centers and crisis pregnancy centers do a tremendous job of helping primarily low-income women who are facing incredible challenges. These non-profits offer free sonograms, pregnancy tests, counseling on options, and more.

These centers receive no government funding and are non-profits that are fully reliant on donations from individuals and business owners.

These are 501(c)(3) organizations that are tax-exempt under federal law and are eligible to receive funding from the Choose Life Advisory Committee.

Gov. Reeves signed the legislation during a ceremony held at the Center for Pregnancy Choices, a non-profit pregnancy resource center that helps women in the Jackson metro area. It can be watched in full here.