Miss. Senator says safety of American people will be worse if Title 42 policy lapses.

On Wednesday, U.S. Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith (R-MS) participated in a news conference and rebuked the Biden administration’s border and immigration policies as the administration prepares to lift Title 42.

“I think it’s pretty clear that everyone who has spoken today wants President Biden to do his job and to protect the American people. This administration is continuing to just wreak havoc on the southern border,” Senator Hyde-Smith said.

The Mississippi Senator said that one million more people would cross the border illegally in the first six weeks after Title 42 is eliminated. Hyde-Smith said that it will make this issue three-times as bad as it is now.

“Our job is to protect Americans. Our job is to enforce American laws. When it comes down to it, the Biden Administration is just simply using the COVID-19 pandemic as an excuse to push through these liberal policies, and it just doesn’t matter what it’s doing for the safety of Americans. It is unbelievable,” Hyde-Smith continued. “Again, we’re just asking President Biden to do his job, to protect Americans, and to enforce the laws that have already been passed.”

On Tuesday, Hyde-Smith became an original cosponsor of Senator John Boozman’s (R-AR) legislation (S.4082) to prevent the Biden administration from diverting U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs resources intended for veterans to manage the growing illegal immigration crisis on the southern border.

“President Biden and his administration refuse to acknowledge that their actions are ruining any semblance of security on our southern border, and ending Title 42 will make the situation worse. Tapping resources intended for our veterans and their dependents to spend on the administration’s border crisis amounts to one more irrational plan out of this White House,” Hyde-Smith said. “I’m pleased to join Senator Boozman in trying to stop this affront to our veterans.”