The Department of Defense, Navy have taken issue with Cassidy’s anti-woke stances. Watch the interview.

Michael Cassidy is one of three candidates in the Mississippi 3rd Congressional District June 7th Republican Primary. He is challenging incumbent Congressman Michael Guest.

Cassidy joined Y’all Politics on Tuesday to discuss his campaign.

The first time GOP candidate is a native of Virginia, and now is a Naval Aviator and Instructor in Meridian. Cassidy believes Mississippi needs a fighter in Congress. He thinks the district needs a change.

Cassidy’s campaign has drawn the attention of the Department of Defense, causing the Navy to investigate him over potential violations of DOD directives related to political activity as a reservist.  Breitbart recently picked this story up after Cassidy was grounded and told he could not fly as a Naval reservist instructor pilot or a civilian test pilot due to the investigation.

In the interview today with Y’all Politics, Cassidy said this action by his superiors and the DOD was specifically aimed at his position that challenged the military’s Diversity/Inclusion/Equity initiatives along with his stance that quotas using race and sex should not be factors in promotions.

Cassidy will face incumbent Congressman Guest and Thomas Griffin in the June 7th Republican Primary.

Watch the interview with Cassidy below.