Governor Reeves has signed a bill that will enact “Buddy’s Law” to protect domesticated dogs and cats from abuse.

The original bill authored by Senator Angela Hill, SB 2261, required that minors who are found to have caused extreme abuse or torture to a domesticated cat or dog would be required to be evaluated by a psychiatrist and receive treatment if necessary.

The bill was killed during the Legislative process but the language was revived in another bill, SB 2245.

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Governor Tate Reeves signed the bill into law on Thursday. In attendance, was Buddy, the dog who inspired the bills.

Buddy was joined by Dr. Betsy Swanson from the Mississippi State Veterinary School and Dr. Lisa Godfrey affiliated with Tunica Humane Society, as well as Senator Angela Hill.

Buddy was abused by a minor, however no charged can be brought against children who abuse animals

The crime took place in Tate County where the dog was found with extensive burns on his face and an extension cord around his neck. After an investigation, the authorities found a 12-year-old to be responsible for the incident. However, because of the child’s young age, authorities could not prosecute.