Listen to Part 4 in the BPF series on the community revitalization happening in Natchez.

Bigger Pie Forum continued their series of podcasts looking at what is happening to transform Natchez, sharing the second part of their conversation with filmmaker and writer Tate Taylor.

Taylor discusses the needs of Natchez and how he is investing in the community to help build a city that implores newcomers to stay. He addresses Mississippi’s tarnished past and how citizens can shake the sensationalism and stereotypes.

In the first part of the discussion, Taylor talked about his journey back to the Church Hill community outside of Natchez where he is investing in Mississippi while trying to bring others like him into the state, especially in terms of moviemaking.

This latest discussion with Taylor is Part 4 in the BPF series in their visit to Natchez.  BPF talked with Natchez Mayor Dan Gibson in Parts 1 and 2 while enjoying the sights and scenes at the National Historic Landmark of Dunleith Historic Inn.

You can listen to Parts 1 and 2 with Mayor Gibson and Part 3 and 4 with Taylor below.


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