The Mississippi Governor joined the former Arkansas Governor in studio to talk state, national issues.

Over the weekend, Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves appeared on “Huckabee” hosted by former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee.  The show airs on TBN and streams online.

During their discussion, Reeves promoted the state’s effort to uphold its 15-week abortion ban currently being considered by the U.S. Supreme Court.  As has been previously reported, a leaked draft of an opinion indicated that a majority of Justices were inclined to side with Mississippi, overturn Roe v. Wade, and send abortion regulation decisions back to the states.

“If you read the United States Constitution, there is not right to an abortion in our constitution,” Reeves told Huckabee. “In fact, there is nothing in our constitution that prevents states like Mississippi and others from providing restrictions on abortions, and we’re just very hopeful that that draft opinion that was floated, which is another topic in and of itself, we’re just very hopeful and we pray every day that that is where actually five of the nine Justices land on our case.”

Huckabee went on to ask Governor Reeves about his handling of COVID, saying Reeves came through as a real leader allowing decisions to be made on the local level instead of imposing heavy-handed state mandates even as the federal government pressured him to do so.

Reeves said there is no doubt that there was pressure from the federal government but added that there was a lot of pressure from local governments and “particularly the Democratic elected officials who wanted us to make those tough decisions to do things that just didn’t make sense.”

Governor Reeves said the way in which COVID was handled in states highlighted the differences in how Democrats and Republicans believe.

“Democrats believe in centralized decision making. They believe that all decisions are better if they come from Washington D.C. We, on the other hand, as conservatives believe that it is the individual that has the right to make decisions based upon what’s right for them and their families,” Reeves said. “So, as we approached it, we tried to recognize the need for freedom, for opportunity.”

The first term Mississippi Governor said he took the position that it was his job to provide information while protecting lives and livelihoods.

Huckabee then moved to asking Reeves about the midterms in 2022. Reeves said there is no doubt that there is “buyers’ remorse” for the Biden Administration and a Democratic controlled U.S. Senate and U.S. House.

“This inflation is hurting everyday Americans and I think there’s going to be a major backlash against the far left Democratic Party because of it,” Reeves said.

You can watch the “Huckabee” segment with Governor Reeves above.