The winner will face incumbent Democrat Congressman Bennie Thompson in November.

Republican Primary voters in Mississippi’s 2nd Congressional District voted to advance Brian Flowers and Ron Eller to a runoff in Tuesday’s election.  The two will meet on June 28th to decide who will be the GOP nominee in November’s General Election.

With 92% of precincts reporting, Flowers was the top vote getter, pulling in 43% with Eller in second place with 33%.  Flowers was the Republican nominee for the 2nd District in the 2020 election.

Two other candidates were in the race as well. Michael Carson and Stanford Johnson pulled in 21% and 3%, respectively.

Current tabulations show that less than 12,000 votes were cast in the Republican Primary on Tuesday in this race while over 44,000 votes were cast in the Democratic Primary.

No matter who emerges as the winner in the runoff, the deck is stacked against them as they will face incumbent Democrat Congressman Bennie Thompson in November who has held the seat for nearly 30 years.

This is the first election since the new congressional maps were adopted by the Legislature earlier this year.  In those counties new to the 2nd District, Thompson outperformed the Republicans in total votes across the board.