Listen to Part 6 in the Bigger Pie Forum series on the community revitalization happening in Natchez.

Bigger Pie Forum continued their series of podcasts looking at what is happening to transform and revitalize Natchez by speaking with a local art enthusiast.

BPF sat down with gallerist and curator Stacy Conde of Conde Contemporary.  Conde tells how she made a pivot from Miami to Mississippi, and illuminates Natchez the way only she can.

This is the sixth installment of BPF’s podcasts on Natchez. The first two conversations were with Natchez Mayor Dan Gibson and Parts 3 and 4 were with filmmaker Tate Taylor. Part 5 featured local Chef Jarita Frazier-King.

You can listen to Parts 1 through 5 and the latest Part 6 below.


Submitted by Bigger Pie Forum – Promoting market-driven economic growth for a bigger and brighter Mississippi. Learn more about BPF here.