U.S. Rep. Michael Guest discusses bipartisan efforts to address challenges facing rural hospitals during the 2019 Rural Healthcare Summit at the University of Mississippi Medical Center.

The 3rd District Congressman joined Y’all Politics on Friday to discuss the runoff and rebut his opponent’s claims. Watch the interview below.

Congressman Michael Guest is in a runoff election with newcomer Michael Cassidy on June 28th after the two finished with 47% and 48%, respectively, in the three-man 3rd District Republican Primary on Tuesday.

Guest joined Y’all Politics on Friday morning to rebut the main points his challenger is making against him in the race, directly calling them lies and warning the voters in the 3rd District to not be fooled by the Maryland native.

The incumbent Congressman also commented on the reports of Cassidy scrubbing his campaign website after Tuesday’s Primary when conservatives began delving more into who the newcomer was and where he stood on policy issues.

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Watch the interview with Congressman Guest below and hear directly from him on the accusations being made in the race by his opponent.